Body Beautification
Beauty Expert
The first and foremost requirement of a beautiful body is an erect backbone. Body analysis is done holding a heavy pendulum near the head to judge if the body is perfectly vertical. Most of the clients have faulty body styles like kyphosis, lordosis and scoliosis. Most of the body faults are due to bad postures. One session of "Body correction manipulation" may align the body correctly. A perfectly aligned body is more attractive to look at. Also, if one’s body is properly aligned, there are lesser chances of diseases in the later life as the body is more fit to fight them off and assures a better working of the inner body.

The fat deposition on the body makes it less beautiful. Cellulite is an ever-increasing problem faced in women. Cellulite deposits itself in parts on the body that are not active by work or exercise. It is not attractive to look at and women are very self-conscious about this problem. Those who are fat or obese should reduce their size with proper treatments and exercises. Acupuncture can help the problem in this seemingly impossible task. With the help of Acupuncture one can increase the metabolic rate of the body. Acupuncture can also help in dissolving complex fat tissues making it easier to lose the fat and the weight that comes with it. Proper treatment can be taken to detoxify the body, making it more responsive to the complimentary treatments of weight loss.

The body tends to gather fat at certain parts. Actually, a person allows fat to accumulate by faulty postures, faulty walking and faulty sitting styles. For example, if you always sit with your thighs held together and keep your stomach sucked in all the time then you will always have a flat tummy. People who sit in lazy positions are more prone to putting on weight and keeping it on. The body needs to know and feel that the person uses every single muscle of the body. Acupuncture is now the most preferred yet secret treatment all over the world for reducing body size. If you read the reports of the American government you will know that dieting as a weight reduction method has failed miserably according to the surgeon general's statement.

The whole world is on a diet nowadays, yet one never sees anyone who has managed to lose weight and keep it off successfully by dieting. There are thousands of different kinds of diet in the market now. Some of them do work. Some don’t. Nevertheless, people switch from one diet to another without any desired result. Even when one does see someone who has successfully lost weight with dieting, the person concerned does not look healthy or happy. Nobody should punish himself or herself in order to lose weight. The human body is a wonderful machine that needs its nutrition to work well. Starving is not an option if one is looking at having a good and healthy life and lifestyle.

As Acupuncture can give strength to organs, proper treatment can enhance the burning up of calories in a body. Acupuncture strengthens the muscles, enabling the client to exercise without feeling exhausted. It can make it fun to exercise. With Acupuncture one can tone the muscles of the body. The toned muscles utilize nutrition better and do not allow fat to get deposited around them. Acupuncture can also help in building muscles for teenagers who are trying to put on weight or in need of a better-looking physique.

Acupuncture Beauty Therapy along with cosmetics can bring about changes quickly and sustain the good effect for many years. Dr. Prakash Verekar is a Doctor of Acupuncture from a Canada based university. He is also a visiting professor for The Open International University of Srilanka. Dr. Verekar is a university qualified beauty expert (First class with distinction and First among all the students of the university in the year 2008). Presently, a certificate holder of CIDESCO, Switzerland, the highest respected examination for Beauty and Cosmetology in the world.