Height Increase
A few facts about height increase treatment:-
The treatment supposed to re-start the height increase process in the body. Many factors within the body contribute to actual height increase.Exactly how much the height will increase and when it will happen cannot be predicted. Similarly it is not possible to predict the possibility of height increase in a person.That is why the treatment is not guaranteed. We DONOT give guarantee of ANY kind.
There are three treatments in the course. Every treatment takes few minutes. There is a gap of half hour between two treatments. Thus the whole treatment package is over in about two hours. This treatment is one time in life treatment.
The treatment can be seen in my videos in healersupreme channel of youtube.com
In 90% of the patients half centimeter to one centimeter increase in height is seen after just 3 minutes of first treatment. There after also the height keep on increasing, Though exactly how much the height will increase and when it will happen cannot be predicted.
The fee for the entire treatment is Rs 15000 for Indian and US$ 600 for foreigners. There is no guarantee of any kind. Please note.
The amount of fee is sent to research institute for further research in many fields.

#These are few of numerous questions asked about the treatment

1.What is the method of treatment?

--> The treatment is Acupuncture treatment and/or Aquapuncture treatment. Aquapuncture treatment is done with sterile water.
2. Why you cannot give guarantee?

--> Guarantee and warrantee cannot be given in medical treatment.
Secondly the treatment may work any time in the life. It is onetime treatment which works according to other factors favorable for increase in height in the body. We always tell the patient about there being no guarantee of any kind and that we charge only for the treatment. This is told when patient first inquire, phone or meet. It is also told before commencement of the treatment.

3. If you cannot give guarantee why you keep this program going?

--> We continue with the program because we see many many patients increasing height. This is the method discovered by my Guru and we see it work all the time. Similarly we see it not working in many patients. We are yet to know the reasons why the treatment work in some and not work in others

4. Why you do not study deeply the results and draw conclusions which will help you to predict exactly what will happen in particular patient of certain age. Body type, heredity, and other criteria?

-->We have treated more than 4000 patients till now. The treatment was invented in 1993. We may be only acupuncture experts doing research and using it in our
practice. To learn more and more about this method we treated in the initial stage thousands of patients absolutely free. The patients thus treated did not keep in contact and never sent the feedback. Even now patients promise to, but never give any feedback.
We had to draw our conclusions from few patients whom we know and meet
There are few who did not increase height beyond initial half or one centimeter. But there are quite a number of patients who increased 1,2,3,4,5,6, even 10 inches. One of the patient increased about 18 inches.
So we decided to carry on this treatment program for the patients who want to try this method; knowing all the facts and mainly knowing the uncertainty of outcome of the treatment in him or her in particular.

This is once in lifetime treatment. You need to come once to Nashik.

There is no guarantee of any results. The fee is 15000 Rs and US$600.